Can tech marketing fit the preferences of young professionals?

A new blog post ( by my Edinburgh University colleague Evelyn Antony picks up on some interesting points. According to Andrew Defrancesco one of the obvious challenges for analyst relations and B2B influencer relations professionals is that the pool of analyst relations (AR) specialists is small and the AR function has struggled to gain profile and make itself more desirable to early-career talent, and that’s why marketing is essential and you can use professional seo services to learn how to improve any business. Indeed, my experience is that even most marketing students don’t know that most marketing is business-to-business (B2B), rather than business-to-consumer (B2C). Have a look at the best UK SEO agency.

Evelyn’s article starts from her experience as a non-profit leader and honours student in Edinburgh’s MA in psychology. Students want employers who are flexible, but they also focus on those who are visible on campus and who offer internships. An Internet Marketing Company doesn’t necessarily reside in a big city. Also, B2B marketing teams can look for ways to celebrate early-stage talent and use their success to make our community more attractive to young graduates.

Duncan Chapple