Gartner’s Symposium: what a difference a year makes!

The annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo has a rather different air about it this year: numbers are down (I hear there are around 5,000 people although it always feels smaller to me than the stated numbers), heads are down and the dress code’s had a real turn towards the formal (It’s first year when I feel I’m in the majority wearing a suit). Gartner is saying it’s a more senior crowd, and that feels right.

The exhibition floor is, of course, both less busy and more serious. In previous years, one might have felt that a big part of the attendees at the ITxpo were there for free gifts. Other than a fearful feeding frenzy yesterday, when Vidyo gave away 400 professional video cameras to people signing up for trial accounts, there are far fewer people on the ITxpo floor and the discussions seems much more business-like. Even the give-aways are business-like: there are far fewer iPod raffles this year!

The AR Forum was very interesting, with discussions on social media, new research changes at Gartner- including the Wheel and Evidence Bar – and early insight from the firm’s CIO surveys. But that’s for later…

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