Join our Gartner-Burton webinar to hear insider opinion

Advance note: Lighthouse Analyst Relations and InformationSpan are scheduling a free webcast to explore the implications of Gartner’s acquisition of Burton Group. There will be actions for enterprise IT users who either (a) are Burton clients, and need to work out what’s going to happen to their service; or (b) are Gartner clients and may find some new options opening up.

Join Dr Tony Law of InformationSpan, Duncan Chapple of Lighthouse Analyst Relations, and a senior Burton Group sales executive who has worked for Gartner and for both META Group (previously acquired by Gartner), and who will not be joining Gartner. This webinar will have the insider edge!

Date and time: Wednesday 13th January at 16.00 UK time, 11 a.m US East Coast, 17:00 European time, 8 a.m US Pacific. Register at

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