Telecoms Index: Motorola takes the lead in May

The chart on the right hand side shows the ten telecoms companies with the highest profile in analyst research over the last four weeks. It’s part of the Lighthouse Telecoms Index, one of our monthly share of voice measurements, which we call the Analyst Index suite.

This month Motorola takes the lead in telecoms research as Nortel slides to number 3 position.

Looking at the top 25 (which is available on request) as a whole, Huawei and Telefonica also showed analysts’ interest on these firms heating up while analysts seem to have reduced focus on Avaya and AT&T.

We also keep an eye out for the companies that dropped out from our top 25 list. This month only one firm fell out of the top 25: France Telecom. That means there was one new entrant in the top 25 league: Telefonica.

Each month we’ll list the top 10 here at Analyst Equity. However, just email us if you’d like to be sent the top 25 each month by email. Just send an email to analysts [at] lighthousear dot com.

P.S. Thanks for all the email in the reply to this post. There’s one question we should answer on the blog: why is Novell in our Telecoms Index, and not our Software Index, when it’s widely known for network software? Right now our taxonomy places networking as an element of telecommunications. We use the same approach with our annual benchmarking surveys of analysts. We’re pretty happy with that approach, although we appreciate that some friends of Novell are not. We’re keeping an eye on Novell as it evolves into a comprehensive business platform; one day it will move into our software index, but not just yet.

Duncan Chapple