Customizing the Analyst Index

Every week, our colleague Ivana Lazovic presents Lighthouse’s latest measurement tool, the Analyst Index. Yesterday we saw the risers and fallers in the Services Index, with Accenture maintaining its iron grip on the top spot whilst the likes of EDS, CSC and Capgemini follow in hot pursuit.

The Lighthouse Analyst Index is the only regular AR share of voice measure, charting the rise and fall in AR performance of the world’s leading high technology vendors. We have a team of experts compiling the data from approximately 200 IT and telecoms firms across the four major business segment: Software; Services; Telecoms and Systems. Every week, readers of Analyst Equity can see for themselves the ebb and flow of achievement by the biggest players throughout the industry.

As you can imagine, the indexes we see each week are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential of the Lighthouse Analyst Index. We customize the full version of the index for those who want to know about the change in share of voice from any of 200 analyst firms, weighted according to these firms’ relative impact on particular vendors’ sales, and segmented to reflect particular interest in defined geographies.

Our proprietary share of voice methodology powers the Lighthouse Analyst Index. Even if your firm had the finances to buy all this research, the linguistic skill to read across the languages and the time and expertise to assess it, no-one else has Lighthouse’s long and respected record for accurately interpreting changes in research.

Our specialists convert the data concerning vendor profile in the research of the leading analyst firms to percentages representing the total output each month. We customize the focus of requested indexes showing share of voice from any firm as weighted by impact on sales or other measures of importance. Out of massively complex data comes a measurement so simple, that even the most time-pressed CMO can understand it.

Share of voice shows you how often your firm is being mentioned in research as a percentage of your peer group as a whole. Share of voice is also an excellent indicator of favor; our research demonstrates that awareness is highly correlated with favorability. This adds real business impact to the importance of significant rises and falls in the index.

Each month we’ll list the top 10 here at Analyst Equity. However, just email Ivana if you’d like to hear more about the customized version: ilazovic [at] lighthousear dot com.

Duncan Chapple