Ovum sales rose 24% to $34 million

Ovum, the largest European-headquartered technology analyst firm, has formally reported a 25% rise in revenue and a 253% rise in profits. This is in line with the guidance it gave me last November. Our view is that this refects four key developments.

  1. Ryan Hankin and Kent was acquired by Ovum this year, masively expanding the firm’s base in the US. Ovum will probabaly now be selling more in the US than in the UK or mainland Europe.
  2. Ovum’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region is continuing, with Tokyo following Hong Hong. Our estimate is that Ovum is making around 20% of its sales in that region.
  3. Growing interest in ‘convergence’ areas between IT and telecoms reflect Ovum’s strengths.
  4. Ovum is continuing to focus on subscriptions, rather than one-off consutling and research projects. Our estimate is that more than two-third of Ovum’s revenue comes on subscription.

Over the last four years Ovum’s net worth has doubled.

P.S. Ovum’s growth also reinforces itself. Vendors want alternatives to Gartner. The growing acceptance of internet research makes Ovum’s London headquarters less of an issue. This in turn promotes the growth of Ovum Consulting.

Duncan Chapple

Duncan Chapple is the preeminent consultant on optimising international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms. As the head of CCgroup's analyst relations team, Chapple directs programs that increase the value of relationships with industry analysts and sourcing advisors.