Systems Index: IBM’s leading-edge products secure leadership

The chart on the right hand side shows the ten System companies with the highest profile in analyst research over the last five weeks. It’s part of the Lighthouse System Index, one of our monthly share of voice measurements, which we call the Analyst Index suite.Astonishingly, this month’s top three firms’ ranking remains unchanged. Samsung climbs to number 4 position, in foot steps follows Fujitsu to number 5 position.

At the same time Sun Microsystems slides to number 6 position.

Looking at the top 25 (which is available on request) as a whole, Xerox is the biggest gainer of analysts’ mentions. Seagate which had re-entered the top 25 list last month has once again dropped out of the list. Another firm that lost the battle is Net App.

New entrants in the top 25 league are Freescale and Qualcomm.

Each month we’ll list the top 10 here at Analyst Equity. However, just email us if you’d like to be sent the top 25 in our Lighthouse Systems Index. Just send an email to analysts [at] lighthousear dot com.

Duncan Chapple