Stability at the summit but increasingly greater change towards base camp

Despite the almost peerless Microsoft’s leading position enduring, and neither Oracle nor SAP moving from last month, this month’s Software Index shows fascinating developments further down the food chain.

With just one place changing hands in the top 5, life in the upper echelons of the Software Index seems relatively quiet. Of course, with the likes of Microsoft and Oracle prowling the top spots, it is hardly surprising that we see such little movement. It stands to reason that when there are such dominant players holding such large parts of the market, changes in share of voice ranking will be limited as the industry analysts focus.
This trend continues in the second group of 5; here there is more change but compared to the rest of the index the pace is far slower. This makes sense as the vendors here are, by and large, slightly smaller than those in the top 5 and as such represent a smaller slice of the total market. And as with the first 5 vendors, analysts in this space focus heavily on the second group of 5 but because they represent a smaller slice of the market, change in share of voice is easier to come by. Without doubt the star performer in the top ten this month is Novell moving up to the 6th position.

Nevertheless Hyperion and Interwoven make astonishing gains in analyst focus and enter the top 25 list. Remarkably, Interwoven jumps from 30th position to 22nd in just one month.
On the contrary Amdocs and Sungard drop out, even though they only entered the top 25 league last month. A great pity for Amdocs as it showed astonishing improvement moving up by 16 places in May.
Additionally, it seems to us that Analysts focus is increasing towards Citrix and Veritas while cooling down on Cognos and Business Objects.

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Duncan Chapple