Webinar: Sales enablement for analyst relations with David Taylor and Duncan Chapple

Two leaders of the global analyst relations community, David Taylor and Duncan Chapple, are hosting a free webinar on September 18 to discuss sales enablement. Many AR teams already benefit from better alignment with sales colleagues. Sadly, in some other firms AR is losing its place as a thought leader. In the free webinar, Taylor and Chapple will outline their five-step process for sales enablement. The two former analysts each have over a dozen years’ experience of aligning analysts relations with sales, and together lead Kea Company’s sales enablement service.

Taylor, a former Dataquest analyst who led analyst relations and market intelligence for Cisco in EMEA and its emerging markets, says that “many AR managers lack the necessary confidence and experience to engage with sales”. In the webinar, David will explain how sales enablement not only generates leads, recommendations and sales but also enhances the repuation and value of AR. Clearer alignment with sales allows managers to unlock new resources, including budgets, and also develop plans that drive action.

Chapple, who like Taylor was a co-founder of the IIAR as well an a former analyst, says that sales enablement makes a big difference. “AR needs to overcome numerous obstacles to maximizing the value it produces. In many firm, it’s starting from a weak position where AR is losing thought leadership, partly because of the development of conversations that cross organizational lines. Sadly, there are other complications, not the least being that the value of analyst firms’ services is opaque to some executives. Many AR practitioners are not aligned to sales and lack direction, and under those circumstances AR will continue to lose support and resources it needs”.

The webinar will include the highlights of a talk Taylor will give at the Analyst Relations Forum in London on October 3rd.

The free webinar will be on Wednesday September 18th at 8am Pacific time; 11am Eastern time; 4pm UK time; 17h CET; 8.30pm India time; 11pm Singapore time. Priority will be given to members of the Analyst Relations Forum group on LinkedIn, where you can also submit questions in advance for the speakers to answer in the call. To register, click on the following link to email Duncan.

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