Caroline Dennington previews Forum discussion on AR as a profit centre

One of the things that every AR professional needs to consider is how AR is positioned within their own organisation. IIAR board member Caroline Dennington was one of the first speakers approached for the AR Forum. In a new podcast, you can hear her discussing sales education programmes, lead generation, collateral development and deal coaching approaches which can help AR teams to develop business and leverage to validate both their own firm and AR itself.

In the brisk, nine-minute preview of her talk on turning AR into a profit centre at the AR Forum in London, Caroline spoke to me about the road to turning AR into a profit centre.

In her role as an AR leader at Symantec, Dennington has been able to developed a world-leading programme which has overcome many of the obstacles and objections that other firms’ AR teams have found. She’s also learnt a huge amount about how to lay down the foundations for successful, reasonable goals and quick wins to develop momentum around.

Hear this podcast

The podcast is online, along with other discussions for analyst relations forums, at Podbean. Depending on the browser you’re using, you might also be able to listen in the media player lower down in the right hand sidebar. It should also soon appear as part of the “Duncan Chapple on relationship marketing” podcast on iTunes.

P.S. The podcast is in .mov file format. If you have trouble playing it, download it and try opening it in something other than your default app. Or, even better, just come to the AR Forum.

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