Lighthouse Systems Index: IBM still an absolute leader, celebrating 10 years of XML

The chart on the right hand side shows the ten systems suppliers with the highest profile in analyst research over the last six weeks. It is an extract from the System Index, one of our monthly share of voice measurements, which we call the Analyst Index suite.

In July’s top ten Systems Index analysts seem to have increased their focus on Dell, Fujitsu and Microsystems taking them up the scale by 1 position whilst EMC ascended by 2 positions. On the other hand Intel, Samsung and Toshiba all moved down the range slightly.

In the rest of the top 25, the league is more volatile. NCR makes an astonishing improvement and jumps from position 28 to position 22 entering the top 25. In addition Xerox, Fujitsu and NetApp gain analysts’ interest and move up the ladder.

The companies that lost the battle this month are Symbol and FreeScale: both left the top 25.

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Duncan Chapple