Lighthouse Telecoms Index

This month in the top ten Telecoms Index Nokia remains at the peak whilst Motorola steps down and Ericsson takes the 2nd position. Analysts’ focus plummets for BT and causes a shift to the number 8 position. On the contrary Vodafone, Verizon and Alcatel are doing well moving up the chain.

Looking at the top 25 Index as a whole in terms of departures and new arrivals O2 that had been hovering around the top 25 for quite some time has now finally gathered enough interest to enter the top 25 league. Telstra that had dropped out last month has now moved up to the 22nd position. Brands that dropped out in July are: Telefonica and MCI (now part of Verizon).

The most prominent gain of analyst focus in July went to NTT causing NTT to ascend by 7 positions whilst 3Com climed up by 4 positions.

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Duncan Chapple