Brocade the biggest mover in the September ’06 Telecoms Index

This month, there has been a lot of jostling within the top 25 of the Telecoms Index but no real surprises. Nokia lead for the second month with Ericsson and Nortel following closely behind. No heart attacks please!

More interestingly, Brocade has grabbed a huge share of voice leaping a magnificent 12 spots up the rankings to number 33. Debitel, Mobilkom, Tele2 and Vanco are also upwardly mobile but at about half the pace of Brocade. Into the top flight this month, we welcome Research in Motion and Telefonica, both up at least 2 places.

Cingular had a poor September and consequently fell 5 places, but still ranked within the top 25. The downward shift of Qwest and France Telecom, on the other hand, propelled them out of the top grouping altogether. Alltel and Ciena were also notable for falling at least 5 places each.

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Duncan Chapple