Join our webinar on starting sales enablement with Dave Eckert and Bram Weerts

On Thursday April 24 (yes, next Thursday) I’ll be posting an amazing discussion with Bram Weerts and Dave Eckert on sales enablement.

Developing a relationship between Analyst Relations and Sales is a complex endeavour that requires AR teams to develop support from both AR’s sponsors and Sales leadership. This Kea Company webinar will provide you with actionable information that will help you build a foundation of understanding about creating a Sales Enablement programme and how to sell the concept to different constituencies.

In the call Bram Weerts, a former Gartner sales leader, outlines the opportunities and obstacles to better alignment between AR and sales, while SageCircle founder Dave Eckert will  explain what the first steps should be when starting out.

To join the webinar, register through the Analyst Relations Forum on LinkedIn or drop me a line.


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