Michael Myers: Analyst relations now has a trusted place in shaping strategy

KPMG associate director, Michael Myers, shared some of the lessons of his 16 year career in analyst relations in a Coffee Talk webinar this week. Michael explained that his route into AR was a logical outgrowth of his career in market research and product marketing in a systems integration business which became Siemens Business Services and is now Atos Origin. The constant factor across his career was services AR, even in firms like SAP and HP which are product-centred, and where the services message needed to be integrated into the product portfolio. In the early day, AR was focussed on getting into the top-right of the Magic Quadrant, and on getting more value from analyst research. Now it’s brought in earlier, and has more of a seat at the table.

In the half hour discussion, Michael talks over the ways that AR people can leverage the greatest amount of business value from analyst relations.

The Coffee Talks are a series of discussions we’re hosing to promote the Analyst Relations Forum at King’s College London on September 16 and 17. Michael’s part of the international advisory council who are shaping the event, which will be the world’s largest ‘free-standing’ gathering for analysts relations. Thanks to sponsors like NelsonHall, HfS Research and others, we don’t need to charge for the invitation-only gathering. To request your attendance, and to get involved in future Coffee Talk sessions, join the Forum’s group on LinkedIn.

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