Where you all are

Blogs don’t give their readers much of a feeling of community: even though hundreds of people stop by to read, it’s hard to get a flavour of who else shares your interests. I thought I’d share some statistics to give you an idea of the other folk who stop by this blog.

This little chart on the right gives an idea of where you and your fellow readers are, broken down by time-zone. Almost three out of five of you are in the United States or Canada. There’s a big chunk of you in New England, but perhaps that’s because some firms route much of their US web traffic through servers in those states, including Gartner and Forrester – from which one out of every five visitors comes.

Technically, you have diverse tastes. Only 64% of you are using Internet Explorer. Around ten percent of you are using screens with jaw-droppingly high resolutions (1600 x 1200? I am jealous).

Some of you stay for a long time and read a lot of the posts. Thanks. But after here, most of you click on to www.bloglines.com/blog/GartnerWatch or armadgeddon.blogspot.com.

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