"Lighthouse Spotlight" launch next week

The “Lighthouse Spotlight” newsletters lunch to the public next week. These are four monthly newsletters that highlight a dozen or so newly published pieces of analyst research that interest us in our four focus areas:

  • Services;
  • Software;
  • Systems, Hardware & Platforms; and
  • Telecommunications & Networking.

Lighthouse has just completed our first ‘beta test’ cycle of producing them as a service, at no cost to readers. To subscribe, click here.

The Spotlights are unsponsored, and the selection of articles is not influenced by vendors’ or analyst firms’ business relationships with Lighthouse. The articles are selected by our research analysts, the folk who review most of the analyst research we are looking at in our regular work, simply on the basis of interest. It’s just research that our analysts think is interesting and deserves a wider audience.

In the main, this is a service we are hoping that analysts take up. Planning future research is a difficult task and, while it’s easy to hear what your clients are interested in, we think analysts should use easier ways of following some of the trends that their peers are researching. Some vendors will probably find the industry-wide scope of each newsletter too broad to be useful, but others might find that it helps them to follow analysts’ interests more easily.

Let us know what you think of the idea. We’ll run it for half a year, and then ask readers for their feedback.

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