Yankee and Current Analysis get rolled up

Two notable analyst firms have moved around the Analyst Cycle this month: Current Analysis has become part of Progressive Digital Media Group, while Yankee Group has been integrated into 451 Research.

When 451 Group bought Yankee last year, we said the brand wasn’t worth saving and should be fully integrated into the 451 brand. 451 Group has announced exactly that, and some changes which aim to give the firm a structure that helps buyers and sales people to connect. It also eases the concerns of clients of the high-value Yankee MAPS service.

In a nutshell, Yankee is now a fifth practice inside 451, named 451 Research Mobility Practice. The one 451 mobility analyst joins the practice, which will continue to be led by Brian Partridge (who led Yankee since the departure of CEO Terry Waters).

Flowing from this, 451 now has 14 channels of research (two from the Mobility practice, alongside four from Infrastructure, one from Information Security, three from Data & and four from Applications and Services). Yankee and 451 have been publishing research under these headings since February.

Finally, there’s now an integrated dashboard for 451 clients allowing them to access research across these different channels. In an early demo of the new dashboard last month, it seemed to be simpler and more clearly organised than other firm’s portals. This focuses the reader on key content. We didn’t see the sort of features that power users might expect, but it’s reasonable to assume they will follow.

Current Analysis will have an interesting future inside Progressive, the firm of frugal Datamonitor founder Mike Danson (The firm is currently attempting to hire analysts and senior analysts on just 20k-30k in Bolton, a dour and inexpensive post-industrial mill town). Progressive is rolling up and rolling out: it already owns Kable, Pyramid, and Strategic Defence Intelligence. It’s now spreading out its sales and marketing efforts globally. I guess that Current Analysis analysts might be spreading out their CVs globally as well.

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