What the Analyst Attitude Survey shows your firm can learn from IBM

This week we’re reviewing some responses to our Analyst Attitude Survey, and we’ve just posted a video to explain the survey and how it works.

One of the huge surprises for me, year after year, in every market, is IBM’s leadership. Even in areas like telecoms networking, where IBM is not a leading player, it’s one of the firms most trusted and most recommended by analysts. IBM’s key asset is candor; the factor most strongly associated with analysts’ comfort in recommending firms onto shortlists. IBM stands out not as the most candid firm (in most markets that award goes to European firms like Nokia and Alcatel which have different cultures) but as the most consistently open of the powerhouse vendors. That’s a real investment in honesty which adds invaluable momentum to IBM’s sales process, and well as giving more insight to IBM’s executives. You might not be able to exceed your competitors’ budgets but if you can be more open than they are, then you can win analysts’ support.

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