Matkovits, Godwin and Chapple to discuss Analyst Value Survey

Deloitte’s Daniel Matkovits, Rachel Godwin from Progress Software and I will be examining the forthcoming 2014 Analyst Value Survey results at the AR Forum on September 16th and 17th. Participation has doubled in the 2014 survey, and end-users form an even larger part of the same. Global participation has increased too, with one in five responses coming from Asia-Pacific.

In a webinar this week to discuss the findings so far, we focussed on many of the key questions that services and technology providers have about analyst value, For example:

  • which firms are rising in influence?
  • what’s the difference between the firms that influence buyers and those that influence the industry?
  • are there regional leaders (like PAC in Europe or Frost & Sullivan in Asia) that might be off the radar in other regions?
  • what firms are rising or falling in influence
  • how far are end-user subscriptions a good predictor of analyst influence?

Those are not the only issues we will discuss at the forum. We’re planning a webinar early in September for survey participants, and we’re sure that they will also come up with great questions for us to drill down on.

It’s not too late to take part in the survey, and get your free seat at the webinar. To participate, just visit:

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