Lighthouse’s courses return to Boston in January

On January 26 and 28, Lighthouse will be re-running our popular courses based on Efrem Mallach’s book on analyst relations, ‘Win Them Over’, at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Since 1987, Dr. Mallach’s book has been used by hundreds of corporations and leading business schools as a survival guide to analysts and consultant relations. We will be marking this new edition with two educational events.

  • On Monday January 26, we will be running a one-day seminar based on the latest edition of Efrem’s book. It will give experienced AR professionals a systematic framework for setting goals, solidifying the foundations of analyst relations and developing organisational synergy. It also outlines Efrem’s state-of-the-art techniques for putting a precise financial value on the impact of analyst relations on your company’s revenue.
  • On Wednesday January 26, we will run our annual AR Master Class. This unique event focuses on defending and extending corporate support for AR. It discusses the role of goals, measurement and reporting in establishing the right framework for AR. It also allows AR leaders the opportunity to discuss different approaches for developing sponsorship, visibility and active support for strategic AR.

Both days also provide a unique opportunity for participants to book one-to-one sessions for in-depth discussions of particular interest to you. Participants will also be given a hardback copy of Efrem’s book, which has been substantially expanded from under 200 pages to over 330.

To maximise attendance we will hold the event in Boston, which the mid-point between the Californian and European hubs of the AR community. We know that this opportunity will give attendees an exceptionally deep and long-lasting value. The event will also enjoy a memorable venue: Faneuil Hall, the national historical monument of the United States which is known as “the Cradle of Liberty”.

Over the next couple of months, our clients hear a bit more about those two events. However, if you have any questions or comments then just let us know.

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