AT&T leaps into Telecoms Index top ten

After two months in third position, Motorola has managed to up its game, increase its share of voice and beat Ericsson for the second spot. Nokia are still ahead in pole position.

Enterasys, AT&T and Brazil Telecom have performed exceptionally well. Between them, they have risen a total of 28 places in this month’s Index with AT&T managing to squeeze into the top ten. In fact, AT&T’s future looks good following the completion of its merger with BellSouth. Its enterprise revenues are beginning to stabilise and it is enjoying increased revenues from its consumer and small business units. Incorporating BellSouth alone should ensure that its overall revenues grow both quarterly and annually.

Interestingly, mentions of MCI rose too, allowing the brand to enter the top 25; analysts are still mentioning the company former known as Worldcom, a full year after completing its merger with Verizon: that brand has staying power! Alcatel-Lucent was also up 5 spots.

Brocade and Vanco top the drop chart this week both falling seven places. Considering Vanco’s long-standing commitment to major sponsorship of Gartner’s Symposium, falling out of the top 50 must be especially irksome for them.

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Duncan Chapple