Using Feedburner for our RSS feed

We’re taking Blogger’s advice, and are starting to recommend that folk who read the blog on RSS do so through Feedburner.

We understand that RSS technology is not perfect. Not every RSS reading software carries the pictures we upload. Furthermore, if we update posts [for example, we have been tagging up some articles] then they often reappear of the top of the feed regardless of the date on the article.

On the other hand, RSS feeds allow readers to bring all their feeds together, and to save time.

We are recommending Feedburner because it offers click-through data. Using their feed, we can now see which articles are of most interest to readers. In turn, that information will allow us to see which topics you find most interesting. We’ll then write more good stuff.

To switch to Feedburner, use this link:

Duncan Chapple

Duncan Chapple is the preeminent consultant on optimising international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms. As SageCircle research director, Chapple directs programs that assess and increase the business value of relationships with industry analysts and sourcing advisors.