Another mention of the IHT

My previous post discussed the International Herald Tribune, whose issue today is well worth reading.

Today’s ‘Marketplace’ page discussed how the volume of US corn being used to make ethanol now equals the volume exported. It includes this map, which will fascinate any geographer.

There’s big news: Syria and Algeria seem to now share a border, while Egypt borders Morocco.

Furthermore, Newfoundland and the Arctic Archipelago seem to have escaped Canada, while Hokkaid? no longer seems to be the largest prefecture of Japan.

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  • This is why God has invented wars.

    To teach Americans geography.

    (at the begginging of the war, over half the nation wasn’t able to pinpoint Irak on a map, yet they managed to go there and wreck the country)

  • If you are going to criticize Americans you should probably learn to spell Iraq correctly before placing your ill-informed, bigoted, foot in your mouth.

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