Colt surge up this month’s Telecoms Index

This month’s Telecoms Index has seen some interesting changes. In the top ten, Verizon has gained two spots, BT has gained three spots as has Foundry while Avaya has grabbed the tenth position by leaping-frogging four places up the rankings.

Analysts’ focus has certainly increased on Telstra since it announced a deal with ANZ Bank to provide ATM services and public telephones services jointly. This is welcome news to those who foresee Australian banks shifting gears with technology to provide better services. It is also welcome news for Telstra which rose seven places.

The Colt telecom group has dramatically improved its rankings too. This was partly due to France 24 (France’s new news service) appointing Colt as its telecoms infrastructure supplier. This announcement helped bring Colt into sharp focus as the analyst community discussed the importance of improved customer experience and extended products and services by telecom firms. Impressively, Colt’s share of voice rose by 11 places.

The other big mover was Vanco. Following some very robust growth figures in Asia Pacific, Vanco moved ten places up the charts and actually ended up one spot ahead of Colt. New entrants into the top 25 include Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.

Enterasys and Marconi have both fallen nine positions this month. In the case of Marconi, this decline can be directly correlated its absortion by Ericsson. 3Com and Telefonica have both fallen out of the top 25 listings.

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Duncan Chapple