Toshiba enters the big league in Lighthouse Systems Index

This month’s System Index has quite a few coveted spots changing hands. In the top league is Toshiba which has powered its way in the Top 10 with a massive jump of 5 positions to end up at the 9th spot. The gain in analyst focus can be partly traced to the quick succession of joint venture announcements that are coming out of the company (For examples, look at Toshiba and Schneider: Low voltage power distribution products and Toshiba and Fujitsu: Next Generation high speed memories).

Network Appliance (Nasdaq: NTAP) has also made its presence felt this month with a gain of 5 positions to end up at the 18th spot. The company continues to be a leader in the NAS and iSCSI storage markets and has posted some great financial results. The news that NetApp has been rated as the Most Admired Firm in the Peripherals Industry is certainly an added bonus for the firm and adds to a series of awards the firm that pick up over the years.

At the losing end NCR, Honeywell and Sun Microsystems all share a decline, with each losing 5 positions. NCR has had no great news for analysts to write about after the announcement to spin off Teradata. Consequently it has fallen 5 positions and right out of the top 25 to land at the 29th spot. Honeywell, which featured a boost in our index due to the analysts referring to the company in their beginning of year analysis, has now slid back to the 39th spot.

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