More Forrester departures as Rob Koplowitz waves goodbye

On his final blog post, Rob Koplowitz has joined John RakowskiScott Santucci, Stefan Ried and “rock star’ analyst Josh Bernoff in leaving Forrester Research. The #2 analyst firm, which remarkably lost $90 million in market capitalisation earlier this year, announced 50 redundancies, including two analysts. The fact that we are at over double that number of analyst departures already suggests that this might be a modest inflection point where some folk are having conversations about the future. In short, folk working with Forrester need to me making sure that they have more than one point of contact at the firm, and know how they would stay in touch with folk if they left.

In a comment today, Rob wrote to me that “I left under the best circumstances to pursue an opportunity I was passionate about. I’d recommend Forrester to potential clients or employees in a heartbeat.”  Koplowitz will be joining a vendor and that’s a particular challenge for the AR team there. For them, I recommend Peggy O’Neil’s article. Peggy used to run AR worldwide for Oracle and knows this scenario well.

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