Nortel and NDS rise in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index

Nortel takes the 3rd position in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index as it jumps 2 positions ahead as analysts focus on the firm increased due to the announcement its new partnership program. The firm has also announced program to partner with NDS Group, which itself rose a hefty 12 positions, to develop new IPTV capabilities.

Ericsson is also on the roll as it has jumped 4 positions to land at the 9th spot based. The firm has announced acquisition of Entrisphere alongwith a steady stream of new contracts for deploying solutions from Bangladesh, Belgium and India.

The top gainer of the month is the network infrastructure equipment manufacturing firm ADC Telecommunications. The firm has gained a solid 15 positions based on the new technology development news as well as extending its manufacturing facilities. Siemens Communications has had the most significant drop in this month’s index as it has lost 8 positions to end at the 37th spot. The drop may be attributed to its forthcoming alliance with Nokia are now being released and will surely induce a lot of analysis in the coming months to write more about its principal successors, Siemens Enterprise and Nokia Siemens.

The top 25 list this month saw just one change as MCI dropped out of the list, an unsurprising result of its purchase by Verizon. 3Com stepped into MCI’s place. The list does however, include some interesting changes in position of firms.

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Duncan Chapple