TietoEnator rises sharply in the Lighthouse Services Index

The star performer this month is TietoEnator. Tt rose 6 positions in the Lighthouse Services Index. The firm’s had a difficult year to start with, due to the lower than expected profitability last year. However, this year may very well be the comeback that TietoEnator has been hoping for. The 1st Quarter 2007 results suggest major improvement in sales for the firm.

Infosys, with news of some excellent growth in sales and new operations centre in the Czech Republic, is another firm that has made a surprising gain. The firm has jumped 4 positions and is now at 5th spot in the Lighthouse Services Index. Atos Origin also appears to be creeping towards the top 10: it gains 2 positions to end at the 11th spot.

T-Systems has fallen 3 positions this month, which still leaves it in a good position after rising a massive 6 positions last month. The firm is certainly trying to increase its profile and market share by pursuing a aggressive strategy especially in Spain and the UK, which is won a massive headl with Centrica. The firm has undertaken a number of projects ranging from data centre operations to projects in the public sector. The firm seems likely to feature more on the Lighthouse Services Index in the coming months.

In the top 25 league, HP Services and Equant (the former name of Orange Business Services) have dropped out while Patni and Tieto Enator have replaced them. The slow fall of Equant shows how strong that brand was, but it’s not bad news for them. However, HP Services was in the top ten as recently as this time last June.

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Duncan Chapple