Replay for IT Industry Analysts in 2023: Evolution, Revolution, or Disruption?

Thanks to our partners at ARinsights, a replay is available of Carter Lusher’s fascinating webinar last week: IT Industry Analysts in 2023: Evolution, Revolution, or Disruption? Carter Lusher is long-time player in the analyst game: IT manager end-user client, Research Fellow at Gartner and Ovum, co-founder of analyst-of-the-analysts firm SageCircle, and AR professional. In a note Carter shared about the webinar he commented that:

 the webinar goal was to be “provocative, not prescriptive” to encourage AR professionals to put thinking about the future on the front burner, not languishing on a back burner.

Key Take Aways:
• Unlike social media, today’s trends offer more varied and profound challenges to analyst firms
• Gartner is as likely to be a disrupter as a disruptee, but vendors should not ignore other firms
• Status quo is not a viable AR strategy, AR must plan for the future
• The “AR Matrix for the Future” is a framework for creating AR planning scenarios, but must be adapted to each vendor’s situation

Trends that could disrupt the IT industry analyst firms:
• Crowd-sourced enterprise IT review sites
• Auto generation of research & new forms of research reports
• Buying behavior changes due to SaaS
• R&D by analyst firms to develop tech-based internal tools
• Black Swan

To listen to the presentation (and vigorous Q&A throughout) register for the replay at

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