Key benefits of influencer marketing – it’s not (only) about numbers

What is differentiating influencer marketing from the more conventional forms of marketing? Of course there are some things that influencer marketing has in common with traditional push marketing: It will help your company establish brand awareness and drive sales by generating contact points for your brand name and your products with the target audience. The main difference is how this is achieved. Influencer marketing does not rely on your ability (mainly defined by the depths of your pocket) to push the message towards the intended audience. Influencer marketing is all about establishing relations with those individuals and organisations that can act as multipliers for your messages.

But tweaking the numbers falls short of the potential benefits offered by a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy. There are several additional benefits that can be gained by interacting with the influencers in the market. For one thing the influencers typically represent the cutting edge regarding the trends in the market. This means by closely watching the influencers you can gain valuable insights for your own value proposition and messaging. If you manage to convince them to talk/write about your company or products there is a good chance that you are on the right track.

Another important factor is the credibility attributed to influencers by the market. This not only results in better qualified leads but also dramatically shortens the sales cycle since the prospect already places some trust in your offerings because of the approval from the influencer. In addition the likelihood of someone following a posted link from an influencer blog etc. is significantly higher than someone following a direct marketing link. This not only works with your target audience but also helps you with your influencer marketing efforts in general. Since most influencers will keep themselves informed about the latest developments and trends in their respective areas of interest your influence will keep growing at an exponential rate after establishing your first contact points within the “influencer community”.

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Sven Litke