How Valuable is Service?

How do you measure whether clients are happy with your service? Do we need a matrix to make sure we make it all visible, or can we just conclude that when you ask the question their response has to speak for itself?

Every company claims that they deliver the best service or say that they are all about service. But considering our growth in new clients in the past years, that doesn’t seems to be the only thing clients look for. So how good is your service and how much time should you spend on it? All valid questions, but that doesn’t make  it easier.

One thing we can all agree on, is that it differs per country. Certain countries in Asia don’t care too much about service, so selling on service in their domestic region is a waste of sales efforts. In North America service is important. In Europe it really depends on where you are and what your selling.

So if you have a base product that needs simple execution worldwide, maybe it is all in the sales pitch. Some clients care and some don’t. Apart from the location where you are selling, it also depends on your product or service. In our business it is all about communication, openness and working flexible hours. Most of all, just get it done. Fix it! It makes life simple in my opinion. So why are there still so many competitors that talk about service instead of price, when the only outcome is that clients expect you to “fix it”.

I love service myself. I think it is common sense to add it in your contract and talk about it. But maybe, just maybe, it is not the number one factor for clients to choose you.

Times change, so let me know what you think. I would also like to invite you to share your opinion on this matter in our LinkedIn group:


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