There’s no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

The economic theory, and also the lay opinion, that whatever goods and services are provided, they must be paid for by someone – i.e. you don’t get something for nothing. The phrase is also known by the acronym of ‘There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ – tanstaafl.

What is wrong with this world? Why do people talk nonsense fifty percent of the day? I am clearly fed up with this. I exactly took thirty minutes out of my busy schedule to tell this to you.

For the past twelve months, I have been dealing with Small (very small) and Medium businesses myself. It is always noble to help the people that can use it the most. I know that this is not the easiest business to conquer, but it is my own choice. In those twelve months, I had around a hundred meetings I joined myself to see if it leads to victory. I think I experienced around twenty meetings that had anything to do with a decent education and thoughts about how they wanted to work with others. Parents have been enrolling their children in this with a popular online IGCSE tuition. So for the people who question what I just said; common knowledge on how to behave when you need something and have something to offer in return.

This leaves us with eighty meetings where you can mildly question the request up to where you walk out in fifteen minutes because their boldness is shameless. And mind you, we are clear on the phone before we jump in the car. So why do people behave like this? Why would you treat people like that? Did you miss certain education when you lived back home?

I know one thing for sure. They keep trying because there are still people out there with no self-esteem. You can’t tell me that this is normal behaviour. If you would like to receive the help, you should expect to provide something in return.  Normally money would be just fine. If you don’t like that, don’t make the call. Figure it out yourself. If you think it is all to expensive, don’t blame others, learn how to use a calculator. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Kea Company