Singapore course: our largest yet

We are holding our foundation course in Singapore, Influencing Industry Analysts, on Monday 15th August 2005. This is the first level of four courses aimed at analyst relations managers with differing goals and spans of control. The Singapore course has been substantially reworked to reflect the broader responsibilities of pan-regional managers. It offers a comprehensive guide to the analysts, their influence and the most effective techniques for building relationships with them.

The tutor, Efrem Mallach PhD, will be joined by a local ex-analyst. Together, they are a slick team, having already run the course for delighted attendees in Sydney.

With two weeks to go, it looks set to be the largest group ever for that course in any city, with 15 registrants. Most of the attendees are communications professionals holding responsibility for the regional AR programs of large, global, technology providers. This time we have also allowed senior managers from public relations agencies to attend.

To find out more about this, and other courses, visit us online.

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