What research users can learn from analysts’ use of competitors’ analysis

For the first time, Kea Company is making reports from our Leaders Service generally available. The first discusses what research users can learn from analysts’ use of competitors’ analysis

Although our Analyst Value Survey reports and Firm Awards exclude many analysts’ responses, this supplementary analysis suggests that many analysts are regular uses of research produced by other analyst firms. This report identifies which firms and topics analysts turn to relatively more likely than demand-side users.

Although responses to the Analyst Value Survey from analyst firm staff have never been used in the report and awards, they are informative. For the first time, this report offers an analysis of the difference between analysts’ use of analyst firms and that of large enterprises. The opportunity provided by this study is to see whether analysts, as expert producers of research, use other analysts firms and, if so, whether they consume different analyst firms from readers in significant enterprises or if they read relatively more on specific topics.
Kea Company encourages the participation of analyst firm staff because their responses give us valuable feedback. In particular, as expert creators and consumers, analysts’ opinions about the relative independence of firms and the topics where analysts need to read more (or less) widely.

The report shows, and discusses:
– Which analysts firms do analysts use the most
– Which vertical markets are most used by analysts
– Whether analysts are more, or less, interested in vertical markets than enterprise professionals
– For each vertical market, how far are analysts are or less concerned in it than enterprise professionals
– On which topics are analysts most likely to use other analysts research.
– Which firms are most influential on them personally.

The report also discusses topics like the geographical distribution of analysts and implications for both research buyers and research influencers, such as analyst relations managers.

It’s our first report made available in this way, and is also part of a Kea SageCircle series. To see the table of contents, and to purchase, visit our online shop.

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