Norma LaRosa joins Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation

Norma LaRosa, who co-founded Kensington Group with Efrem Mallach, is now Program Director of Africa for Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation.

Norma been involved in cross-cultural and charitable work in Eastern and Central Africa at least 15 years, so this is a great hire for the Foundation. Norma is helping develop micro-lending to help improve access to water, education, electricity and other resources in Ethiopia which particularly transforms the lives of women. The foundation is searching especially hard for corporate sponsors, who could help with gifts of $500 or more, and we encourage readers to help the Foundation’s work.

One of the Foundation’s other projects is the Emerging Global Leaders Program, which aims to “provide the next generations of leaders around the world with the tools, best practices, conviction and political will to defuse potential civil conflicts”. Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu is the honorary chairman of this initiative which is in partnership with American University, Columbia University, the London School of Economics, Stanford and Yale.

Norma was interviewed recently on WBAP, the radio station that calls itself “The News and Talk of Texas”. You can hear the show here: the segment with Norma starts seventeen and a half minutes into the show.

The Foundation is supported by Cross Cultural Journeys: take a look at their destinations.

Duncan Chapple

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