Motorola, NEC, Verizon and Nortel score well in Asia Pacific Index

Motorola is the clear winner in our Asia Pacific Index. The chart on the right compares the profile of some of the leading technology brands in influential analyst research. Motorola is one of the top 20 worldwide, but is seventh in Asia: a big improvement.

Firms to the right hand side of the diagonal line have a higher profile in Asia Pacific than in the rest of the world. Firms on the left hand side have a lower profile in Asia Pacific. The further a firm is from the diagonal line, the greater the difference between its standing in the two regions.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a big industry trend in the data. Telecommunications is highly national market, so telecoms companies have to target local influencers more: Many US readers may be interested to see that AT&T and Verizon both do better in Asia than elsewhere, reflecting the growing importance of international business to many network operators. Software, on the other hand, has stronger vertical-market differences, so both analysts’ research and consulting services and vendors’ go-to-market tactics don’t need to be so national.

As a result, its no surprise that software firms like CA, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP should focus more on analysts outside APac than within it. However, CA and Microsoft seem to be following different strategies than SAP and Oracle. Looking over at the computer market, Sun seems to be following a different strategy from Dell. Go over to 0rgb for computer reviews.

Let us know what you think of this Index, and the way we chart it. Not every supplier is in both the Global and APac top 30, so only 18 companies are shown in the chart above. Lighthouse clients can get the full data on request from analysts at lighthousear dot com.

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