Xerox is the highest climber in the Lighthouse Systems Index for 2007

So far this year, the systems firm with the biggest gain of analyst share of voice is Xerox. It has raised its profile with the analysts significantly since June last year. The firm is now ranked 7 positions higher in 2007 than it was in 2006. Its recent acquisition of Global Imaging Systems is certain to expand its role as a seller and service provider of document management systems in the SMB market and a further upward trend will not be a surprise.

This month we have completed an analysis to compare the performance of firms in the Lighthouse Systems Index for 2006 against 2007 so far. The graphic to the right presents a comparison of the top 25 firms. Firms above the colored line have gained analyst focus and those below have lost analyst focus.

Canon and Toshiba have enjoyed an increase in analyst focus that has also been previously covered in the March and February Systems Index postings.

Panasonic, AMD and Sun Microsystems are the biggest losers this year. All 3 firms have failed to attract as much analyst focus as before, but there’s plenty of time for them to recover. Sun Microsystems is a firm that should certainly be watched. Recent data suggest that a turnaround could be just round the corner. Apart from being considered as the most ethical company in the world the firm has also been given a positive rating by Gartner in its most recent analysis of the vendor. AMD has experienced a sharp fall since February, reflecting Q1 issues and Intel’s win in market share, but could recover.

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P.S. We’ve flipped the axis around on this chart to make it clearer. Let us know if you have any more suggestions.

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