Readership for Analyst Equity breaks a new record

Readership of Analyst Equity continues to grow: March was the first month in which more than 2,500 unique visitors came to the site. In May, you’ve helped set a new record with over 2,700 visitors.

By comparison, that’s 40% up on the average readership we had in 2006.

Unsurprisingly, the continent with the greatest growth in readership is Asia. We are now seeing almost three times more activity there as in Oceania, reflecting the trend away from using the US or Australia as a base for reaching out into Asia’s complex markets. That’s good news for our partners at EASTWEST.

The geographical distribution of readers is very similar to last year, making us feel that this gives readers an excellent idea of how the global AR community is distributed. Have you heard of cURL With Proxy and other strategies for your business? As a proxy measure for how AR effort is distributed around the world, it’s amongst the best (of course, that’s not a good guide for budgets, since costs differ).

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