Troubled LSI Logic dips sharply in the Lighthouse Systems Index

This week we present an analysis of how firms in our Systems Index have progressed this year. For the purpose we have compared how the firms have ranked in July 2007 against January 2007. The graph to the right shows some of the firms that have gained or lost the most.

OcĂ© appears to be the leading gainer as it has gained a solid 9 positions in the period although – as in any race – it’s easier to overtake competitors at the back of the field. The firm was mentioned in our April index as being the leading gainer. The firm has continued to move forward and has been awarded numerous awards by BERTL and European Digital Press.

Overall, we are more impressed by Xerox and NetApp, which has gained 3 positions this month and overall 4 positions since January 2007. The firm has been once again stated as a leader in the the Storage Services Industry and its StoreVault S500 has been voted as the best storage system by Qualcomm, despite being the biggest loser last month, is comfortably in the positive zone with analysts: its AR program is doing very well. The firm’s gain of 5 positions this month certainly helping to ease last month’s loss.

LSI Logic is one of the biggest loser as it has slid down 9 positions. The firm has been bogged down by both restructuring costs after completed its acquisition of Agere Systems and its associated announcement to cut 900 jobs in face of weakening sales. That will surely make it difficult for analysts to move it away from their red zone. Symbol has also slid down 9 positions after its acquisition by Motorola while Barco, which has been commended by Frost & Sullivan as the best provider for commercial of the shelf visual displays for defence purposes, has also slid 5 positions.

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