SageCircle relaunches

Valley-based AR gurus Carter Lusher and Dave Eckert have relaunched SageCircle, an analyst relations service which closed in 2003. Amongst other things, we are interested to see what these two noted gastronomes have planned for their first soirée.

In its early years, as a ‘pure’ consultancy, SageCircle played a crucial role in developing the analyst relations discipline. Lighthouse’s ‘obituary’ analysis of SageCircle’s rise and fall remains one of our most requested white papers (you can get it free here). Since then, we’re also discussed SageCircle in several posts on this blog.

But our white paper makes interesting reading: we were critical of SageCircle’s choice to take venture capital funding in order to develop software. Comparing the new SageCircle site with the old SageCircle, it’s clear that the new firm has a stronger, tighter business focus: advising and training.

More good news is that SageCircle has also launched a blog. We wish them every success in the years ahead: the market for analyst relations services is still growing, and there’s a strong need for a choice of consulting and advisory approaches, as there is in the analyst industry itself.

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