Telecom Italia moves up in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index

Telecom Italia is the biggest mover this month with a gain of 11 positions. The firm has announced an agreement with Vodafone to share radio access network sites and is also in the news for the splitting up of its top management team.

Motorola which had dropped down 2 spots last month has jumped back with a gain of 4 positions this month. The firm has announced a major contract to deploy a WiMAX network in Pakistan and GSM/EDGE expansion contract for Celtel Nigeria. It would be interesting to see if this rapid expansion in the Asian and African region will help the firm to move further up in Lighthouse Telecoms Index.

France Telecom, the winner of the Clean and Economic Technologies Trophies 2007, has gained 6 positions and has entered the top 25 telecom firms. ZTE has also entered the top 25 with a gain of 3 positions. The firm has announced delivering a record 10 million handsets in India making India the 2nd largest market of ZTE handsets.

Extreme Networks has dropped down 11 positions this month making it the biggest loser of analyst focus this month and wiping out the gain it made last month. PCCW and Qwest have dropped down 4 and 8 positions respectively and have also dropped out of the top 25 telecom firms in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index.

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Duncan Chapple