EMC replaces Xerox in the top 10 of the Lighthouse Systems Index

The top 10 this month sees the exit of the Xerox and the entry of EMC which has gained 5 positions in December and is now ranked at the 6th spot in the Lighthouse Systems Index. EMC has been ranked as the leader in the external controller-based storage market by Gartner and has also announced the acquisition of Document Sciences Corp. It’s quite a surprise, coming hot on the heels of Xerox’s rebranding.

The biggest gainer of the month is PalmOne which has shot up 6 positions. However, the increased focus is hardly great news for the firm as analysts appear to be more interested in the firm’s ability to handle market pressure and build credibility in the face of stiff competition. Network Appliance has also gained 4 positions as it boasts of faster than market growth in the FC SAN market. With more enterprise storage offerings coming up the firm is sure to continue posing a challenge to all its rivals in the coming months. Texas Instruments which is in the limelight for steadily losing its market share in the highly competitive wireless baseband chip business has also gained 3 spots and has entered the top 25.

Another surprise is that the biggest loser of analyst focus this month is Panasonic. The firm has dropped 6 positions and is now ranked at the 22nd spot. Hopefully news that the firm is now going to adopt Panasonic as a single name for the company and all its brands will lift the firm’s fortunes in the coming months. Oce which had just last month managed to to get in the top 25 is again out after having dropped 3 spots.

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Duncan Chapple