Unisys "leads the pack" in the Lighthouse Services Index

Unisys has finally dethroned Accenture as the number 1 firm in the Lighthouse Services Index. Apart from being mentioned very positively in a case study relating to the outsourcing efforts of US Department of Health and Human Services, the firm has also won new contracts to jump up 4 positions and claim the number 1 spot. It will be interesting to see if Unisys manages to hold onto this spot against its rivals in this category.

Lockheed Martin, the winner of the NASA’s highest award for quality has jumped up 11 spots and holds the distinction of being the biggest gainer in this month’s Services Index. The firm has been mentioned prominently this month due to the rare incidence of destroying an errant space satellite and it is not hard to predict that it will find it difficult to hold onto this position next month. SAIC has also gained 8 positions and is now ranked at the 24th position. The firm has just won a major contract from the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment and along with Lockheed Martin is the new entrant to the list of top 25 Services firms monitored in the Lighthouse Services Index.

Cognizant was the biggest high profile loser this month as it dropped down 4 positions. The firm has announced excellent results for the year 2007 but has failed to maintain its share of analyst mentions. BearingPoint did also slide down 4 positions and is now ranked at 21 spot. Orange Business Services, the biggest gainer last month, and Fujitsu Services are the 2 firms that have dropped out of the top 25 this month.

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Duncan Chapple

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    […] from its strong brand image in Latin America. Lockheed Martin, which was the biggest gainer in our March 2008 edition of the index, has also made substantial improvement in its score this year and is ranked 24th in […]