Focus on briefing influential analysts, not only the directors

There’s some discussion on how to spot a good analyst, which has won some kudos.

What this post really describes are the analysts who are most likely to give satisfying verbal interactions. However, other analysts, even ‘poor’ ones, are often as influential or more influential. Senior analysts are often not the ones who are on the coal face gathering data and producing the initial guidance that analysts firms’ clients use.

Many vendors steer their information, and best spokespeople, towards briefing senior analysts. One reason for that is that senior analysts give spokespeople a more valuable conversation. However, a more common reason is that senior analysts are easier to identify. That top-down often fails to connect with mid-level analysts – who often are the influencer speaking with clients.

Our Analyst Impact Modelling service helps managers to focus on the influential analysts. Let us know if you’d like to find out more about it.

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