AR spending rises from 28% to 35% of PR, says IDC

According to a B2B article, IDC’s latest survey of tech vendors’ marketing budgets shows that 6.3% of the budget goes on PR (down from 7.1%) and a further 2.2% on analyst relations (up from 2.0%). That’s a useful benchmark for IT soltion providers: on average spend on AR is equivalent to 35% of the PR budget. Of course, that means excluding AR from the definition of PR: if AR and PR are added together at your firm, then the benchmark for AR is 26% of the total.

Of course these are averages: spending on AR is concentrated in firms selling high-value contracts, and is rare in consumer technology markets. However, the date represent a substantial 10% increase on AR’ share of the marketing budget from last year. That is quite a reliable benchmark against which to measure budgets.