Ikonami organises aid for Pakistan

One of Lighthouse’s partners, Ikonami, is arranging a convoy with blankets, clothing, food and medicines to assist those affected by the eathquake in Pakistan (Ikonami is a software development boutique: our firms co-operated in an attempt to rescue SageCircle, an applications service provider of analyst relations systems that closed its doors in 2003).

Ikonami’s convoy will be dispatched to Gharee Habib Ullah, north of Islamabad. This is one of the places still accessible and a staging ground for search and rescue work further north. If you or friends are in Pakistan at the moment and would like to join the convoy as a volunteer please make contact with Ikonami’s offices in Pakistan: Waris Kamal’s number is +92-51-287-1927.

All support is valuable since Saturday morning unfolded with the worst disaster Pakistan has ever experienced. The earthquake that hit the northern part of Pakistan was 7.6 in its magnitude. As the event unfolded we found out that there were cities and villages that were completely wiped out and more than 48 hours into the disaster there has been no help that has reached these areas, as the roads have been blocked by land slides.

The official death toll — 20,000 — does not include deaths in the areas where help has not reached which will be massive. The unofficial estimate of the death toll is more than 35,000.

Lighthouse is encouraging its friends to make some kind of donation to help the relief efforts directed at those who are in desperate need of help. Two organisations that are well placed to help are:


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