Did you miss our most-read articles?

We’ve been looking at the Analyst Equity archive to see which articles from before April are currently most read. If you’re looking to see what topics are on the minds of other analyst relations managers, then they make interesting reading.

The twelve top entry pages are:

1 Unisys “leads the pack” in the Lighthouse Services Index
2 Giving a transatlantic accent to your analyst relations
3 September webinar spotlights IDC’s reorientation
4 Bloggers vs. Analysts: opening a discussion
5 Open Text shoots up in the Lighthouse Software Index
6 Use Balanced Scorecards for strategic alignment, not as dashboards
7 Industry analysts are the most trusted source
8 Vendors name rising analysts: Forrester, Gartner, Ovum, Aberdeen and Burton
9 Informa purchase values Datamonitor as worth more than Forrester
10 On the folly of rewarding A, while hoping for B
11 Picking up the money Gartner and Forrester leave on the table
12 The fundamentals for analyst relations that supports the business

We’re very happy that we’ve left our archive online, especially since many of the visits to the archive are coming in from other sites, such as northernlight.com, finance.yahoo.com, sagecircle.wordpress.com, armadgeddon.blogspot.com, and blogsearch.google.com.

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