Lighthouse hires new development and research managers

Clayton Francis and Kleopatra Klausnner have joined the Lighthouse AR team here in London. Clayton will be leading our business development work, with a particular focus on software and systems vendors. Kleopatra is a researcher for our Beacon service, which includes the AR Intranet.

Clayton has a decade-plus background in corporate business development and sales, with a background selling computing hardware, enterprise software, real estate and B2B franchises. He formerly practised as an accountant, and is an alum of the University of Westminster.

Kleopatra Klaussner comes to Lighthouse with a background spanning a number of research and interview techniques. She has been assistant to a PPS; interviewed students for Long Beach State, and conducted research for the Orange County Public Defender. She is also a graduate student at the LSE.

Kleopatra replaces Lotte Reddemann, who leaves next week to start training as a lawyer in one of London’s leading practices. We’ll be out for drinks with Lotte on Tuesday:do come along and join us.

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