Buyer insight

Our unique insight into users of analyst research and sourcing advisors can be amplified in four ways: segmentation, custom surveys such as the Analyst Sales Impact Matrix, our annual Buysight buyer surveys and qualitative follow-up.

Segmentation allows the trends to be identified in specific parts of the market. We’re able to focus the data by geography, user organisation or by technology or solution areas.

Custom analysis allows us to gather new data that most closely reflects your market. For example, a custom Analyst Sales Impact Matrix of your top 100 companies (50 in Europe and 50 in the USA) can be conducted by sending our survey to a list of contacts supplied by your firm or sourced from our market research partner. These data can show analyst influence segmented by market, job level and even firm. We’re able to fill in any gaps in the results with estimates based on peers firms in similar market positions to your target clients. Working with a media partner, we can expand the volume of data even further to give more insight into the vertical markets.

Buysight, our annual buyer survey, narrows the focus still further. While the AVS gathers the feedback of all users of analyst research, the buyers of ICT solutions are a distinct community with fluid boundaries. The UK Buysight survey, B2Buyology, has found that three-fifths of ICT solution-buying involves joint decision-making by IT and the business. Not only does Buysight show how buyers use research, they also show the impact of other influencers, such as academics, bloggers, and traditional media as well as analysts and sourcing advisors. Buysight surveys are planned in the final quarter of each calendar year and are executed in December and January. This timing allows the costs to be allocated between two calendar years and provides for interim results in December to allow ideation and diffusion to start before data collection is finalised.

Our belief is that the diffusion of insight is as important as the research itself. In addition to working with your preferred media channels and marketing partners, we organise both webinars are face-to-face research presentations, typically in New York City and London. Our experience with awards programmes offers ways to diffuse findings: Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards generate around a million social media impressions. This research also provides artefacts that allow sponsors to develop discussions with their customers and partners about how to work better. We pay particular attention to developing attractive diagrams that easy to grasp and to share.

Reflecting the substantial and long-term value of these research projects, we typically design these solutions for clients with a modestly-discounted first years followed by a rolling three-year engagement.

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